Starring James Franco at the 5 minute festival


As I stated in my last post, November is a very exciting month indeed. I am a week into National Novel Writing Month which is good fun but rather demanding, and next week my theatre company The Same, But Different are performing as part of Lost Theatre’s 5 Minute Theatre Festival.

First things first, I will write a post on NaNoWriMo when we hit the halfway point, with updates on my progress, thoughts and experiences of the event. Now however, I’ll tell you a little bit about my show next week and how you can watch it!
The Same, But Different is a company of five individuals; Gylligan the Traveller, Tarzan boy, The Economy, What is Edd? and our leader The Chancellor. We are a theatre group which create original works that highlight the absurdity of how people choose to kill time between life and death. With a mix of life performance and digital media we use absurdist humour and the concept of failure to access themes such as fame, disaster and occultism. But however devastating these themes may be we always seek to deal with them in a humorous way.

Starring James Franco was our first work as a company and is still under development, although since then we have also created a performance/night long event called Y2K.

For the 5 minute festival we will adapt Starring James Franco to a 5 minute piece, altering and developing our previous work whilst working on new material also. So, a little bit about the show!

Featuring ‘dance’, obsolete media, music that is culturally irrelevant and an informal performance style, Starring James Franco is an absurdly humorous yet sinister exploration into the concepts of fame, cultural obsession, dissociation and fear. Mostly, Starring James Franco is a show about the absurdity of fame, also approaching ideas of self worth, hope and despair in the process.

How much of that will come across during the 5 minute version, we can’t wait to find out!

The 5 Minute festival is the 5th of its kind. The idea is that “the UK’s 40 most talented, innovative companies battle it out in front of a live and online audience”.

So, over the course of 4 days there will be 40 shows, each lasting – yep you guessed it – 5 minutes. These shows are watched live and digitally before being put to an audience vote. 2 shows qualify each night to go into the final.

‘Oh! But when did theatre become a competition?!’ I hear you cry. ‘Well,’ I say taking you in my arms and holding you close, ‘that’s just the way of things now! It’s a cruel, competitive world we live in and each of us has to do our part!’ Right, I’m rambling now, but the point is that you should definitely watch and vote for our show. Or at least watch it and let me know what you think regardless of whether or not you vote, because that’s what’s really important here!

We are on Wednesday the 14th of November, and interestingly, we’re the only act listed under a group name as opposed to under a single artist’s name, so you can easily spot us.

I’m not sure exactly where you go to watch it, but I will find out for sure. I presume it will be uploaded to their youtube channel. Anyhow go along to the Lost Theatre Website and check it all out.

Looks to be a great week.


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