Reminder: James Franco at the LOST 5 minute theatre festival!


Hello all,
Just a quick reminder that my company ‘The Same, But Different’ will be performing a 5 minute version of our show ‘Starring James Franco’ as part of LOST Theatre’s 5 Minute Theatre Festival on Wednesday! That’s not tomorrow, but the next day! Ironically, the LOST theatre can be found in London, or if you cannot make it / live outside of the UK, you can watch it online here. I believe it will be available online all day Thursday.

Also, you can read a previous post about it here.

To promote the show, I decided to make some new posters. So, in honour of James Franco and in the spirit of the 5 min festival, I made three new posters, each in no more, and no less than 5 minutes. I hope you enjoy them, and can see the artistry beyond what was possible in such time constrictions…


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    • Thank you! Pretty good for 5 minutes I thought. Hopefully people will agree that our show is up the same high standard! 😀
      I’ll make sure a link is available as soon as the show is live, otherwise just watch the LOST Theatre Website.

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