5 Minute Festival



So as you should know (I’ve been plugging it enough!) me and my group ‘The Same, But Different’ performed our show ‘Starring James Franco’ at the 5 minute festival last night.

The 5 minute festival is organised by LOST Theatre as a platform for various companies to see what they can do with just 300 seconds. It was a nice night of theatre with a great audience and nice atmosphere. Everyone was really supportive and the whole thing was very sporting, despite the competitive element.

So, our show was a reduced and re-edited version of a 30 minute show that we devised together last year. I found the whole thing to be an excellent lesson in effective time management. It’s very difficult putting together an entertaining, interesting and coherent show in 5 minutes. There does seem to be a certain single-scene/monologue format that seems to work well, however, we wanted to experiment with taking moments from our larger show and making something that had the feel of a trailer or something. Quick and chaotic, getting a lot into a short amount of time.

You can see our show and vote for us here: http://www.losttheatre.co.uk/index.php/whats-on/festivals/five-minute-festival/voting-poll – I don’t seem to be able to make a link today for some reason…

Please do vote, as it could give us a shot of performing on Saturday also.

About the day. When we arrived and our designated time shot for our tech rehearsal came, we were hurried into the theatre where we had just under 20 minutes to tech the whole thing. We were using a script that we had sent in about 2 weeks ago and then heavily altered, so I was a little worried about the tech, but it ran very smoothly indeed. We were then made to do a speed run, and then it was filmed. And that was it…the version that all of you will see was done! I remember stepping outside and thinking, ‘oh god, that’s it, isn’t it!’ I didn’t really have time to comprehend that we were doing our show, let alone that the filmed version was already in the bag.

Anyway, we then had about 3 hours to kill after which the night began.

Our group was the opening act of the second half, and so we were able to watch the first half, which was great. Our show went well, I think. What I was very pleased with, was that the audience quickly started reacting to us during the show; clapping and whooping or whistling at us, which to me, signified that they got the vibe we were going for. That in 5 minutes we’d opened a platform where people realised that they could call out and interact with us. I think that’s pretty hard to do in just 5 minutes, so I’m quite proud of the fact.

As I said, please do vote for us, as it would help our chances greatly. And either way, watch some of the shows, see what you think does/doesn’t work in 5 minutes. What you like, what you don’t and what you might do with 5 min. Report back to me, we’ll chat about it. Or not. Whatever.

Also, watch Sound and Fury which was on the first night. It’s a great piece by a company I know called ‘Postdramatic’. Check them out.

Either tomorrow, or later today, I’m going to do another post based on my experiences in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as we are now half way through!

Have a good one.


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